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What is the most important thing you look for in a daycare? Is it the nurturing and lively environment of the place where your children can learn and have fun together? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Young children are most vulnerable to their surroundings. This is why, a nurturing environment does not only have to be fun but also secure. At Early Beginners Pre-School and Daycare Learning Center, your child’s safety is above everything else. Our security measures put both teachers and parents at ease, allowing them to focus on the nurturing of children instead of constantly worrying about their safety. 

You’ve probably heard stories about neglectful child care at daycare centers. To avoid any such situation, we do our best to ensure safety. From background checks to medical records, security cameras, front door control, and much more, we make sure that every aspect is covered. Here are some of the ways we ensure that your child is safe and secure at our daycare:

We Keep Background Checks on Our Employees

Your children are in safe hands. We say that with utmost guarantee because background checks are an important part of our hiring process. From our teachers to maintenance personnel, every person goes through an extensive background check, including any criminal and/or civil record. This helps us determine who is suitable to be around your children. 

Our Classrooms have CCTV Cameras

We constantly monitor our classrooms, observing every single detail. We make sure that no behavior goes unnoticed. If you are a parent constantly worrying about your child’s performance in the classroom, these CCTV cameras are always accessible to you so that you can see how your child is doing. You can even enter the premises and observe your child in person. 

We Provide Optimal External Security 

To make sure that your children are secure at all times, no intruder can enter the premises. Our property is surrounded by fences as well as locked doors. These doors only open with a fingerprint belonging to a staff member. On top of that, we have installed intruder alarms that go off if there is a breach. They immediately inform the staff about the breach so that action can be taken. 

Our Classrooms Are Childproofed 

Our daycare welcomes children as young as toddlers, eager to grab onto everything they find. To ensure that they do not hurt themselves, each one of our classrooms is childproof. Apart from being colorful and fun, our classrooms room are designed to be safe so that your children can have the best learning experiences while being safe. Kids tend to learn freely when they know that their environment is secure. 

Every Faculty member is certified in CPR and First Aid 

Emergencies are unpredictable, but our staff is trained to deal with them in the best ways possible. Each one of our faculty members is certified in CPR as well as first-aid so that if a child needs medical support, there is no delay in providing them with it. 

 We Hold the DES Certification

Holding the DES certification is a guarantee that your children are in good hands. This certification ensures that our facility has provided documentation and meets the requirements that are needed to operate a daycare in Arizona. These requirements include immunization of all the staff, background checks, medical clearance, children’s liability insurance, fingerprint clearance card, and a healthy safe environment. 

Your children are as dear to us as they are to you. We understand your need of providing them with the best of everything. Early Beginners Pre-school and Daycare Learning Center ensures that your child flourishes in a safe and healthy environment. We guarantee you the best care for toddlers in Phoenix. Contact us today and learn more.