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Most parents assume that their child’s learning process ends the moment they step out of the daycare center. That’s simply not true. Children are always learning from their environment, no matter where they are. What they do at home has a similar, if not a greater, impact on their personalities and learning abilities. That’s why you need to create a healthy, fun, and engaging environment at home to ensure your child’s maximum cognitive growth. 

Introducing fun activities is a guaranteed way to make toddlers learn while they are at home. You can contribute to their thinking, communicating, and problem-solving abilities, all of this while having fun. How, you ask? In this blog, we are going to explore five fun and engaging activities for your toddlers that will trigger their curiosity and help their cognitive growth. So, let’s dive right into it. 

Design an Obstacle Course 

Obstacle courses can be fun to put together, as well as challenge children to think and encourage their physical and cognitive activity. The best part is, you don’t need anything from outside, as you can create amazing obstacles simply with the help of your furniture. All you need to do is look for things that can move around, e.g. tables, chairs, pillows, books, etc. Now be creative and design an obstacle course with the items you have. Trouble thinking of challenges? We’ve got you covered. You can design tunnels by lining up chairs, mazes by lining up some old books, or even create a balance beam by sticking tape on the floor and encouraging children to walk on it. 

Put Together Puzzles

We all remember doing puzzles as children. They are a great way to challenge the brain and develop strong hand-eye coordination. Large floor puzzles with nature scenes and creatures also give children an excellent opportunity to learn about different animals and their habitats. So spread those puzzle pieces on the ground and get started with your children today.

Identify Sounds

This is the age when your child is listening to many sounds for the very first time. Help them identify these sounds. Play different sounds on an audio recorder, for instance, the chirping of birds, car honking, running water, ambulance siren, etc., and ask your child to identify them. Once they have identified, show them the objects the sounds belong to. This will help them relate sounds to objects in their everyday life. 

Mix Paints and Create Art 

Talk about painting and see how your little ones instantly get excited. All you need for this fun-filled activity are paints. Mix two colors and see how it makes a completely different third color. Teach your child the basic color theory, primary and secondary colors, and allow them to experiment with their creativity. Learning about colors is an impotent core skill, so don’t let a few stains on the clothes hold your children back!

Play the Alphabet Game

While your child learns the alphabet at the daycare, you can play a fun game at home to help them remember it even better. Write the alphabet with a bold color on individual squares. Paste these squares around your house. Go through the alphabet with your child, encourage them to identify the next letter, and find it around the house. Tape it to the wall in order. When done, leave the alphabet on the wall until you’re ready to play again. 


Make learning fun for your children and see how quickly they grasp new ideas. Next time, if you want to spend quality time with your child, while making it productive, play the above games and see how children will instantly love them We, at Early Beginner Preschool and Daycare Learning Center take the same approach. Our teachers make sure that the curriculum is informative as well as fun and engaging. Get in touch with us today, so that together we can create a bright future for your children.