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Transitions can be scary for anyone, let alone for kids. The thought of dropping your child at a daycare, all day long, without you being there for them can easily make your heart skip a beat. After all, a few months ago, this kid was just a baby (they still are) but now you are sending them off to a place they have never been before, under the supervision of adults they don’t know. While all of this might sound a bit too overwhelming, always remember why you chose to send your kid to daycare, in the first place. Was it the need to support their growth and development or ease their transition into an elementary school? Whatever the reason may be, do not let the fear of sending your toddler to a new place stop you from making an essential decision, especially when you can prepare them for it.

If your child is soon going to start daycare, here are five tried and tested tips that can help smoothen their transition into it and prepare them for their first day:

Visit the Daycare with Your Child

Before, your child starts daycare, allow them to get to know the place so that they can adjust better. A great way to do that is by visiting the daycare with your child beforehand. You both can meet the caregivers and familiarize yourself with them. Show them their classroom, lunchroom, play area, etc. Take photos of the place, especially the rooms where your child is going to spend the most time. Introduce them to all the adults who are going to be there all the time. Once you come back home, ask them what they liked the most, talk to them about how their day is going to be at the daycare, etc.

Explore Group Settings

Usually, children who are the only kids in their home have a difficult time adjusting to a group setting. Daycare has children from different backgrounds and cultures and, to help your child mix and adjust with them better, you need to explore group settings with them. Arrange playdates with your friends who have kids, try out a Mommy and Me music class, check out your local library, or take your little one to the neighborhood park to play with other kids. This way, they will get used to interacting with their peers.

Create a New Routine

Now that your kid will be going to a daycare, they will have to wake up early and go to bed early. This means that their entire day’s routine will change and thus, they may become cranky. To avoid that, start preparing them in advance so that they get used to it by the time they start daycare. Set a bedtime and wake-up time, so that your child can get ready on time and do not have to rush things.


If your child sees that you are anxious and worried about them going to daycare they probably will also feel the same. Never take communication for granted as it can backfire. Keep reminding your child that there is nothing to worry about as there will be trusted adults to look after them. Reassure them that they are going to have a great time, make amazing new friends, and learn new things. 

Do Not Over-Prepare

Being excited for your child’s first day at the daycare is understandable but it’s never a good idea to over-prepare. Over-preparing often overwhelms the little ones, Talk to them about daycare in a happy and upbeat manner so that they get excited rather than getting worried.

All in all;

Daycare is an exciting new place for toddlers. It’s a place where they get to learn new things and make new friends. Daycare acts as a stepping stone for kids in preparing them for a more formal education. Once you have chosen the right daycare for your kid, follow the above steps to prepare them for the journey.

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