(Ages 2 - 3 Years)

Pre-schooling is an important part of a child’s development and fundamentally develops their cognitive abilities. Early pre-schooling and the right teaching intervention is known to improve a child’s overall mental development as well as behavior. At Early Explorers Learning Center, we offer a comprehensive learning environment for children to prep them for schooling. We are one of the best preschools in Phoenix, AZ that focuses on a comprehensive learning environment along with various other amenities. We have a comprehensive meal and nutrition plan to ensure that your child gets all the necessary nutrients and energy to cope with their energy needs for the entire day. Moreover, our meals are prepared after carefully monitoring the growth requirements of a child, allowing us to offer kids healthy and nourishing meal options, vital for mental and physical development, while keeping them energized.

Preschools in Phoenix, AZ, can be a costly venture, especially if you want to offer your child a comprehensive learning and development environment along with various other amenities. However, at Early Explorers Learning Center, we strive to offer parents a tailored solution that fits their pockets without compromising on their child’s needs. We are committed to deliver the best learning and development environment to your children, offering a plethora of amenities and options, without costing you a fortune. Our objective is to contribute to the welfare of the community by offering exceptional educational and learning services to parents, in need of quality services in daycare and preschools in Phoenix. Our superior services do not attract abnormally high fees, but a highly affordable pricing structure. We believe in offering our clients real value for money, which is why all our pricing and packages are affordable and competitive in the market.