(6 Weeks -1 Year)

Finding a daycare for toddlers is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks. A growing child has various needs and requires constant attention to keep them secure and protected. With even the slightest hindsight, a child can be exposed to various consequences and dangers. At Early Explorers Learning Center, we understand how toddlers behave and offer excellent environment for infant day care, Phoenix. Our toddler’s day care services help parents to focus on their work and other urgent matters, without worrying about their child. With our expertise and qualified people, you can rest assured that your child is in the right hands. We constantly monitor infants and toddlers to ensure they are safe and away from hazards at all times. Our certified and qualified care staff is well-versed in handling children and have years of experience working with children of all ages, making them reliable caregivers that can assure your child’s safety and security.

Day Care in Phoenix

Day care in Phoenix are known for expensive charges that can rip you of your hard earned money. Since daycare centers understand that parents are emotionally influenced to find the best alternatives for their children, daycare service providers charge parents abnormally high prices and exploit their emotional weaknesses. However, at Early Explorers Learning Center, we believe in integrity and honesty in everything we do. Our primary objective is to extend exceptional, reliable, and trusted day care in Phoenix that offers superior Toddlers Day Care and acts as a School for Toddlers. Our superior services do not attract abnormally high fees, but a highly affordable pricing structure. We believe in offering our clients real value for money, which is why all our pricing and packages are affordable and competitive in the market.