Nutrition Program

Early Explorers Learning Center is dedicated to delivering a versatile program and a fun place for children. We have also established this goal to educate and promote healthy eating habits by providing balanced meals and snacks for kids.

In order to jumpstart their profound love of healthy food, we aim to teach children the importance of nutrition at a young age. By setting each child up for future success, we foster a healthy learning climate. Our educational program consists of:

Facts about Nutrition

To help your child learn and grow through each and every phase of life, we have devised our curriculum. Preschool nutrition promotes this effort in many ways. Here is the list of nutrients that you can get by eating particular food. When choosing what to eat throughout the day, keep this list in mind.

  • Whole Grains: fiber is provided by beans, brown rice, quinoa, and pasta.
  • Protein: Turkey, Lean red meat, fish, and chicken.
  • Plant protein: Beans, peas, lentils, seeds, and nuts.
  • Calcium:Milk, green vegetables, yogurt, and cheese help boost healthy growth.
  • Required Fats: Found in tofu, edamame, peanut, almond butter, and avocados.


Good nutrition is based on what kids learn early in their childhood. This Kids Health research shows how healthy eating habits lead to a child’s ability to pay attention, respond quickly and intelligently, and develop friendships among peers. Kids who eat breakfast regularly are more concentrated, can easily solve problems, and are less likely to experience irritability in the morning.

Breakfast plays a leading role in the child nutrition program of Early Explorers Learning Center. Breakfast is available at no extra charge, and you also have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast with your kids!

 Snacks and Lunch

The full child nutrition program at Early Explorers Learning Center also includes snacks in both morning and afternoon. All of our meals and snacks are nutritionally balanced, contain all the necessary dietary components, and adhere to the prescribed portion sizes. We always boost kids to try all the food group that is offered by our program. Your child can even have his favorite foods for a second serving.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Early Explorers Learning Center works on the well-being of your child in all areas of growth. We educate kids from the curriculum to the food we provide; this is developed to inspire your kids to succeed. Please call us today to learn more about our other services or to sign up for child care at Phoenix Preschool!