Why Encourage Pretend Play

It is always advised to be careful around kids as they are quick to pick and act out things. While it is wise and necessary to be careful around children, ‘pretend play’ or acting out things is part of a child’s development.

The make-believe or imaginative play builds the cognitive skills apart from stirring creativity in kids. It is considered an essential learning and development method in young children as they whip up interesting scenarios to perform. Early Explorers preschool in Phoenix encourages children to assume roles they fancy so that as they push back barriers, they hone their language skills, cognitive reasoning, problem-solving skills, and emotion regulation.

Here is why imaginative playing among kids should be encouraged and appreciated:

Stirring Creativity and Imagination

Early pretend play is said to enhance a child’s capacity for creativity and cognitive flexibility. It is because of this that Early Explorers Preschool in Phoenix, Az, makes it a point to provide children with frequent opportunities for imaginative play. It is a form of brain exercise that better prepare kids for learning to think for themselves.

Adults make use of their imagination and thinking skills to solve everyday problems. With the early development of such skills, children will be able to understand things through visualization, help themselves, invent or discover things, and even enjoy a good book or film.

Helps Children Know Themselves

The dramatic play helps children in knowing more about themselves. The roles they choose to play gives them a sense of things they like or dislike about themselves. It is a form of an experiment that helps them find out things that interest them apart from learning to express their feelings and ideas.

Helps In Social and Emotional Development

While engaging in imaginative plays, kids learn to control situations in their own way and observe the results. It thus builds their social and emotional roles in life. By walking in someone else’s shoes, they also learn at an early age to understand and consider other’s perspective so that they adopt a more cooperative and empathic approach in life.

It also embeds in them the habit of sharing responsibility and reacting positively towards others feelings. By pretend play, children develop their self-esteem and self-awareness. They experience a sense of freedom that comes from the realization of being anything they want! Early Explorers Preschool in Phoneix encourage and make sure of imaginative plays for kids to help them develop stronger skills that help them in later stages of life. Children are regarded as an empty canvas that shows whatever you paint on it. However, through pretend or imaginative plays, you will hand over the brush to them so that they paint for themselves traits and careers that they want to choose for themselves!

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